Wedding planner online service for a professional support in the organization of your wedding.

Planning a wedding demands significant time, especially without event organization experience. At Bubble and Bells, we’ve crafted a personalized Wedding Planner Online consulting system. This unique approach empowers couples to seamlessly organize their big day with ease and order through professional follow-up sessions

  • Feeling overwhelmed, unsure where to start, or facing decisions you’re uncertain about in your wedding planning journey? It’s completely normal. We’re here to provide the support you need, adapting to your unique requirements, whether you’re just beginning or halfway through the organization process.
  • You are in charge of the organization, but we will give you personalized and professional advice so that you have everything under control.
  • With numerous factors and a multitude of suppliers to coordinate, having control over the event is crucial. We ensure you enjoy every step of the wedding preparation process.
  • We can adapt our consulting services according to the specific needs of each client and each type of wedding.
  • Experience the immediate difference in peace of mind with the guidance of industry professionals right from the start.

Which Wedding planner Online option do you need?

Tailored and Expert Guidance for Couples, Ensuring a Smooth and Well-Organized Wedding Journey

Wedding Planner Online: 1 session of 1:30h to solve all your doubts, focus on the organization and gain peace of mind for the organization of your day.

Wedding Planner Online: 3 or 4 sessions of 1:30h to prepare a detailed wedding plan, ensure proper planning and advise you to improve the organization.

Wedding Planner Online: 10 follow-up sessions where We’ll assist you in meticulously planning every detail of your wedding, ensuring that every aspect is under control for your special day.

Single Session Consulting


  • You don’t know where to start.
  • You are not moving at the pace you need to.
  • You need a second opinion.
  • Professional support for key decisions.
  • Resolve doubts and solve unforeseen issues quickly and effectively.
  • What do we offer? 1 session of 1:30h to give you the peace of mind you need, to give you a second opinion or to solve all the doubts you may have.
  • Price of the session: Contact us
  • How do we organize ourselves? Prior to the session we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire with all the information we need to arrive at our meeting prepared to help and advise you in an optimal and efficient way in everything you need.
  • We will advise you on all the doubts you may have and we will help you to get organized so that you can continue with the organization of the big day in the best way possible.
  • What happens after the session? Once the session is over, we will give you a follow-up document with the action plan you need, as well as recommendations.C
wedding planner online
Conswedding planner onlineultoría premium de bodas

Premium Consulting

Wedding Planner Online: AseguraR el control de la organización de la boda

  • You want a professional opinion and a plan of action to refocus or close the organization.
  • You need to make sure you have everything under control to gain peace of mind.
  • You are not moving at the pace you need and want to refocus your organization.
  • The wedding day is very soon and you still have a lot of issues to close.
  • Urgency action plan.
  • What do we offer? 3 or 4 sessions of 1:30h each, where we will design a detailed plan of action as well as a follow-up of topics and document for the general coordination of your wedding. We will be able to solve all your doubts and make sure you have everything under control.
    Prices:Contact us
    How will it work? Before the first session we will ask you to fill out a complete questionnaire with all the information we need to arrive at the session prepared and with the work done.
  • We will prepare a personalized wedding plan and we will advise you on the management of suppliers and their contracting.
  • We will design all the steps of your wedding day and we will advise you with advice, recommendations, tips, etc. so that everything goes as you imagine.
  • What happens after the sessions? Once we finish our follow-up plan, we will provide you with a detailed report of everything we have worked on, as well as a dossier with all the pending issues and all the points of improvement and recommendations.

VIP Follow-up sessions


  • You want a professional to monitor and control all the details of your wedding so that you can be sure that you are not leaving anything out and enjoy the organization.
  • Optimize the budget and control the suppliers.
  • Give coherence to the whole event so that everything makes sense.
  • Complete service that gives you the peace of mind you need during the long process of organization.
  • What do we offer? Our VIP service consists of a complete follow-up of your entire wedding from 10 sessions that will allow you to have ALL the organization of your wedding and management with ALL the suppliers under control.
    VIP Tools: In this service we include our professional management tools and all our downloadable and Checklists so you can have a complete follow up of the event, as well as recommendations, inspirations, etc.
    VIP service price: Contact us
    How will it work?
  • We will prepare a customized schedule of sessions to address all topics.
  • Overview of all suppliers and control of their contracting.
  • Support and advice on supplier selection.
  • Budget optimization and control.
  • We will organize the coordination of the wedding day.
  • Use of professional tools that will make your life easier from day one.
  • We customize the service to your needs and preferences.
  • Suggestions, recommendations, professional support in styling, trends, etc. from the hand of professionals in the sector.
  • Complete wedding plan from the moment you hire us until the day of your wedding.
Wedding Planner online