Wedding Planner Barcelona

Wedding planning is our passion and we have been helping our Brides and Grooms with their big day for years with our Wedding planner barcelona service.

1. Integral Wedding Organization

Each couple is unique, so we plan and design your wedding in a 100% personalized way.

We take care of the whole process to organize the wedding of your dreams.

From bubble and Bells Wedding Planner Barcelona, we know how important it is for you and we will make it easy for you!

Wedding Planner Barcelona

2. Wedding Day Coordination

If you want to organize the whole wedding but you need support in the coordination of your big day we will give you professional support.

We will check that you have everything planned correctly before the wedding and we will advise you on what you need. During the big day we will take care of coordinating all the suppliers and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Wedding Planner Barcelona

3. Complementary Services

  • Destination Wedding Mediterranean
  • Elopements (Intimate Weddings)
  • Pre and Post Wedding Activities
  • Wedding Proposal

From Bubble and Bells Wedding Planner Barcelona, we can customize our services to suit the specific situation of each couple. Contact us to get to know us and see how we can help you.

Wedding Planner Barcelona

Integral Organization - Wedding Planner Barcelona​

Wedding Planner Barcelona, Catalonia and Balearic Islands

From Bubble and Bells Wedding Planner Barcelona, we take care of the integral organization of your wedding, including all the preparations, management of suppliers, budget control and personalized advice in order to create a unique wedding. On the day of your wedding we will take care of coordinating all the suppliers to ensure that everything goes perfectly.

During preparations


  • We have years of experience, which allows us to have complete control of the preparations and organization.
  • We carry the entire weight of the organization of the wedding.
  • We make the process more bearable and fun for the bride and groom, facilitating decision making and advising on all aspects.
  • We know the market, the suppliers and the trends of the bridal world.
  • We look for the best suppliers for each wedding style.
  • We optimize communication with suppliers and manage the budget.
  • Complete follow-up of the entire organization with continuous contact with the Bride and Groom for their total peace of mind.


  • Avoid worries and minimize the hours invested.
  • Enjoy every step of the way.
  • You will have the best professionals working with you.
  • You will address each issue at the right time and you will attend to suppliers with knowledge and without stress.
  • Everything will make sense and harmony, according to your tastes.
  • We will adapt to your budget, always meeting all your expectations.
  • We will make it easy for you to make important decisions well advised and with all our support.

During the Wedding Day

  • We will take care of organizing and coordinating all aspects of the big day.
  • We set the tempos so that everything flows correctly and all suppliers work under one guideline.
  • We assure peace of mind to the bride and groom, solving with agility the unforeseen events.
  • You will have fun without having to think about anything else but enjoying every moment of your wedding with your family and friends.
  • Knowing that everything is under control, with only one interlocutor.
  • We will create together with you the wedding day you have always dreamed of.

Why do you need a Wedding Planner?

  • Saving time and stressful situations: Organizing a wedding is a long process that requires a lot of organization, time and effort. Many suppliers, budgets and their coordination must be managed. A Wedding Planner will allow you to live the organization of the Wedding in a calm and carefree way knowing that everything is under control and managed by a professional.
  • Knowledge of the Sector: Normally, the Bride and Groom do not have knowledge of the market, suppliers, venues, etc., which means spending a lot of time searching, selecting, negotiating and contracting each of them. A Wedding Planner will be the intermediary during the whole process with all the suppliers, saving a lot of time, avoiding cumbersome situations and allowing the Bride and Groom to be able to adjust to the budget in the negotiations with the suppliers.
  • Professionalism: An experienced Wedding Planner will have a deep knowledge of the market, suppliers and the latest trends, being able to give you personalized advice and tips, ideas, tips, alternatives, etc.. so that your wedding is as you have always imagined.
  • Peace of mind for the Bride and Groom: The organization of a wedding lasts many months as it is a complex event with many details and issues to control. We can assure you that hiring a professional and experienced Wedding Planner will give you peace of mind from day one, knowing that everything is under control.
  • Coordination of the wedding day: The wedding day includes many milestones and the coordination of a large number of services, so it requires exhaustive supervision so that all suppliers work in the same direction.
Wedding Planner Barcelona
Wedding Planner Barcelona