Barcelona Wedding

Destination Wedding

The organization of your Barcelona Wedding will become a unique experience that will exceed your expectations.​


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Spanish, Eng.




2h - 3h

High Season

April - Oct.


23º - 30º


3-5 days


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Barcelona wedding

Why a Barcelona wedding can be amazing?

Barcelona has become over the last few years a modern, global city and a leader in new fashion, culinary and architectural trends that have turned the city into one of the most important tourist destinations worldwide.

Celebrating a Barcelona wedding is one of the best options currently available in Europe:

  • City: Barcelona, open to the Mediterranean Sea, combines in its surroundings mountains, fields and beach which offers a great possibility of different incredible places to celebrate the wedding.
    Gastronomy: Barcelona is home to one of the best gastronomic offers on the planet, with an immense diversity of possibilities at the level of catering for the banquet.
    Location: In the heart of Europe and with a large international airport, the connections with the whole world are perfectly assured so that our guests can arrive easily.
    Accommodation: The range of hotels and apartment rentals in the city is enormous, which makes it very easy to accommodate the guests at our event.
    Climate: In the heart of the Mediterranean, Barcelona has the climate of the area. Four well marked seasons, being the high season for weddings from April to October, although thanks to its spectacular climate, weddings can be celebrated all year round without any problem.

Your Barcelona Wedding : at the moment it is one of the most complete destinations for the celebration of a Wedding since it is a city that offers us a complete package for the Bride and Groom as well as for the guests and a great offer of service providers that will adjust to the demands of all the bride and groom.

Barcelona Wedding
by Bubble and Bells

If you have decided to celebrate a Barcelona wedding, you are in the right place. We are looking forward to meeting you and showing you our wonderful world of weddings.

We know that planning a wedding from far away can be complicated. Different language, unfamiliarity with the area, little knowledge of the wedding market in Spain, difficulty in contacting suppliers, among others.

From Bubble and Bells, we want to make it easy for you to enjoy the organization of your Barcelona wedding. We have already helped other couples to make their dream of celebrating a Barcelona wedding come true.

Barcelona Wedding