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Hi, I’m Marta Grau, Founder of Bubble and Bells, Wedding Planning. 

I have a degree in “Business Administration and Management” from the University of Barcelona, a Master in “Marketing and Management” from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a Master in “Wedding Planner”, Madrid.

I started and developed my professional career in the Marketing and Sales department of the German Multinational Henkel Ibérica in Barcelona, where I had the opportunity to design and organize different internal events of the company and where my passion for event planning began.

I was born and live in Barcelona but throughout my life I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world and live in Los Angeles, New York and Bali.

Several years ago we founded Bubble and Bells and since then our goal has always been to evolve, grow and improve in all areas.

During these years, we have been able to meet wonderful clients, design spectacular events and work with brutal people in the industry.

Bubble and Bells has become our passion and the whole team enjoys every event to the fullest, seeing our clients smile with the final result of so many months of work.

As a team, we have experience organizing weddings, events, anniversaries and conventions for companies of all types and sizes in the Mediterranean area, we would love to meet you!

Marta Grau, Founder of Bubble and Bells

Bubble and Bells

Why Bubble and Bells?

  • Integral Organization: Our organization service is complete and, therefore, we take care of everything, allowing the Bride and Groom to focus on the final decision making of each issue.
  • Professionalism: We know that the organization of your wedding is a very important issue to which you dedicate a lot of time and illusion, so for us it is a priority to provide an excellent service that will make your life easier during the whole process.
  • We know the market trends: We give our opinion in all aspects based on our experience and knowledge of market trends.
  • We know the best suppliers in the area: We know the best service providers in the area, which allows us to have an agile and trustworthy relationship with them, as we have worked in different events together, which shows in the quality of the event.
  • Personalized service with focus on the Bride and Groom: Marta Grau, Founder of BB, is in charge and manages the relationship with the Bride and Groom of all the events personally, as well as the event and the relationship with the suppliers.
  • Adaptation to each couple and type of wedding: Our goal is to make life easier for the bride and groom and to organize a perfect wedding according to their preferences. We adapt to the requirements of each couple.
  • Everything under control: We seek to achieve a special bond with each couple so that they feel totally at ease during the whole process of organizing the Wedding, knowing that everything is under control.

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